Bill beckley(non-registered)
Younger Trouble brother on bus 8..thanks for your GR8 work and sharing
Brad Kaderly(non-registered)
Great photographs. Very impressive. I will have to continue to check back to see what you accomplish from here on.
Kris Shallenberger(non-registered)
Loved spending time reading through your site today! I joined some friends to honor VetsRoll from an overpass north of Lebanon IN today. Wanted to learn more which led me to your page. Would love to send you pics from our vantage point. Very moving. Great work!
Jeff A(non-registered)
Was looking at those football pictures..I was 11 and the ball boy for that game was a very fond memory was great to relive it even tho i couldnt spot myself ha
Annette Piranio(non-registered)
You have done some amazing pictures capturing what VetsRoll is all about!! Great job Mike!!!
you take some amazing pictures! very impressive!
David & Myrna Rudolph(non-registered)
Thank You for taking our family pictures during our Christmas. Everyone commented on how relaxed & comfortable they were. You did a great job..we are very happy with them. We will be placing our order in a couple of days. Thank You Again.
Heather & Brian Miller(non-registered)
You were fantastic at the wedding and reception. Thank you for the great time and we look forward to seeing your pics!
Syndi Bautista(non-registered)
You are doing a wonderful job on the pics and the site. Thanks for allowing us to view your work. Such an inspiration.
Lea Stafford(non-registered)
Love the site, looks like your doing well.....Keep up the good work........
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